Make JackpotCity Your Bingo Casino

BINGO! The word evokes a moment of triumph when the odds align in the player’s favour – when the numbers on the bingo ticket form a pattern that indicates victory and the player calls out the name of the game to tell the world that they have won! Winning at online bingo is potentially one of the most satisfying experiences ever in the world of casual games, so it’s no surprise that you can experience this satisfaction for yourself at JackpotCity in the form of video bingo. Imagine all the enjoyment of traditional bingo taken to the virtual plane and kitted out with all the bells and whistles that modern digital technology can provide, complete with chances to win real money prizes, and – BINGO! Welcome to the world of online bingo, available for you to play anytime, anywhere, on the device of your choice – desktop, casino app or tablet – here at JackpotCity, your mobile bingo casino of preference.

Video bingo – how to play

To break it down as simply as possible, in video bingo, you get one (or more, depending on the variant) virtual game cards. Each card is covered with numbers in a random order. When the game starts, bingo balls with numbers on are drawn and if the numbers correspond to the numbers on your card, those numbers are crossed out. Every game video bingo has its own unique variations, but usually, if you play online bingo, you can potentially win by crossing out all the numbers or if you cross out a specific pattern of numbers.

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New casino games – bingo!

Bingo is unquestionably one of the most popular games on the planet, so it’s a natural fit for the fun and entertaining world of online casino games. All the enjoyment of traditional bingo served up in a smooth, intuitive interface with fun themes, special features and simple but rewarding game-play – that’s the essence of the casino new games you can explore at JackpotCity.

The aim of the game hasn’t changed – the idea is still to fill bingo cards with numbers that offer winning opportunities when they form specific patterns. What’s different is that you can play online bingo in multiple different ways, with variants that range from the more classic online bingo set-up to ground-breaking innovations that let you buy multiple bingo cards, enjoy great rewards like mystery prizes, potential high jackpot rewards, and even buy more online bingo balls.

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