Online Roulette Entertainment

Roulette is the ultimate sophisticated casino table game, with simple yet elegant game-play that never goes out of style. Players have enjoyed playing roulette online at JackpotCity ever since we opened our virtual doors in 1998. Today, our online roulette offering updates this casino classic for the mobile era, with slick visuals and sound effects that recreate an authentic casino ambience for you to enjoy on your desktop or mobile device of choice. Live dealer roulette is available on mobile roulette, allowing you to join a real-live roulette table from the comfort of home, or anywhere you choose to play. For genuine roulette enjoyment in a safe, secure environment, look no further than JackpotCity!

Play all the online roulette variations

There are several ways to play and enjoy roulette online, and you can try them all at JackpotCity, from classic online roulette to unique versions such as Vinnie Jones Roulette. The original variation is known as French roulette, “roulette” meaning “little wheel”. This is the original roulette game that was invented in Paris, France, during the 18th century, and French roulette table rules haven’t changed much since then. The dealer asks players to place their bets, then spins a wheel with pockets numbered 1-36 plus a zero pocket, then sends a ball spinning around the wheel in the opposite direction. Gradually the wheel loses momentum and the ball comes to rest in a pocket. If the pocket number corresponds to a bet, it’s a win. If the ball lands on zero, everybody loses.

Speaking of the zero pocket, French roulette has some special rules related to it. If you make an even-money bet and the ball lands on zero, the “la partage” (“sharing”) rule gives you half your bet back. Alternatively, you can use the “en prison” (“in prison”) rule to take the same bet again the next spin. If you win, you get your whole stake back.

European roulette is practically identical to French roulette except that it doesn’t have the “la partage” and “en prison” rules.

American roulette table rules are different from French and European roulette because the roulette wheel has two zero pockets. This increases the total number of pockets to 38 and changes the roulette number odds somewhat.

French, European and American roulette are all available in digital and live dealer format. At a live roulette table, you get to watch a professional dealer spin a real roulette wheel and ball. You can chat live with the dealer and other players and watch the action from multiple angles as it streams live to your screen. There are also unique live roulette variations such as Evolution Lightning Roulette, which combines spectacular live dealer entertainment with randomly generated multipliers on specific bets.

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Online roulette betting options

Online roulette tables have the same great spread of entertaining betting options that you’d expect to find at a sophisticated land-based casino. The easiest bet to understand is the straight-up bet, where you place your stake on a single number. Straight-up bets pay out the most but also have the lowest odds of winning. The bets with the highest odds of winning are even-money bets such as “red or black”, “odd or even” and “high or low”. In between these two extremes are a whole range of combinations: column bets, dozen bets, line bets, square bets, street bets and split bets. Then there are the so-called French bets: Voisins du Zero (Zero’s Neighbors), Tiers du Cylindre (Cylinder Thirds) and Orphelins (Orphans). These are complicated betting patterns suitable for a more advanced roulette strategy. Online roulette games typically come with a racetrack betting layout that makes it easy to visualize the different bets, so you can make an informed decision.

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A safe, secure casino to play roulette games online

There’s nowhere better to play roulette online than a safe, secure, trusted casino like JackpotCity. As one of the oldest online casinos in the game (since 1998!), we know that player safety comes first. That’s why we use the latest SSL digital encryption technology to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected at every step of the way, from logging in to depositing money and withdrawing any potential winnings. Our banking options are fast, convenient and above all reliable, ranging from credit and debit cards to popular e-wallets, bank transfers and pre-paid cards. As part of our responsible gaming policy, our banking set-up allows you to adjust your deposit limits to suit your budget and keep track of how much you spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does online roulette really have random outcomes?

Yes, online roulette really does have random outcomes. JackpotCity’s eCOGRA-certified roulette games use Random Number Generators that every spin of the roulette wheel is determined purely by chance. This means that everyone has the same chance to win, every time.

Does online roulette have the best odds?

Online roulette is one of the casino table games that offer the best odds. Even-money bets such as “black or red”, “odd or even” or “high or low” give an almost 50% chance to win. The odds of winning a straight-up bet are much lower, though.

How do I play Auto Roulette games online?

To play Auto Roulette games online at JackpotCity, simply log in, find Auto Roulette in the lobby, select your bets and start to play. If you don’t have an account, it’s quick and easy to register, and you get an optional Welcome Bonus of up to $1600.

Can the dealer control where the ball lands in live roulette?

No, the dealer absolutely cannot control where the ball lands in JackpotCity’s live roulette games. All our live dealer games including roulette are produced by reputable developers such as Evolution Gaming.

Is it possible to rig roulette?

Yes, it is possible to rig roulette or any kind of game like Must Win Jackpots, which is why it’s so important to play only at a safe, trusted casino such as JackpotCity.

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