French Roulette Guide

Special Bets

Voisins du Zéro and Tiers du Cylindre Bets.

La Partage Rule

Even money bets result in losing only half the wager.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode increases the game play speed to display your results quicker.

Mobile Compatibility

Yes, play on the go!


Select to spin a set number of times in succession without interacting with the game.

French Roulette at JackpotCity

Journey to the 18th-century origins of roulette with Microgaming's digital tribute to French Roulette. Not only will this amazing table game offer players clear navigation, a user-friendly interface, fast gameplay, and thrilling winning opportunities but it is also the closest Kiwi players can come to experiencing the real thing without the inconvenience of having to travel to a land-based casino. Enjoy an age-old French gaming tradition while playing one of the world’s most modern online casino games.

French Roulette
La Partage Rule allows lower losses!

Game Rules & Strategy

French Roulette has 36 alternating red and black numbers, along with a single green zero, creating a total of 37 pockets on the French Roulette wheel. With the "La Partage" rule, even money bets result in losing only half the wager, leading to a low house edge of 1.35%. Microgaming has lovingly created a game that presents the perfect opportunity to learn and enhance a player's knowledge of French Roulette bets while enjoying the real thing. Fans of the game can take advantage of inside/outside bets, as well as call bets like Les Voisins Du Zero and Tiers Du Cylindre, and be exposed to an exciting option for Final Bets.

French Roulette Rules elevate a player's gaming experience. It is important to note that the Minimum bet of $1, as well as the varying maximums based on a bet type, will influence any French Roulette payout and betting strategies employed. For player convenience, we have included a table containing bet types and limits as well as French Roulette payout ratios to help make the correct strategy decisions while playing French Roulette Online.

  • Straight Up Bet: $1 - $10 (35:1)
  • Split Bet: $1 - $20 (17:1)                  
  • Street Bet: $1 - $30 (11:1)                   
  • Corner Bet: $1 - $40 (8:1)               
  • Line Bet: $1 - $50 (5:1)                     
  • Columns Bet: $1 - $70 (2:1)              
  • Dozens Bet: $1 - $70 (2:1)           
  • 1-18/19-36 Bet: $1 - $80 (1:1)     
  • Manque/Passe Bet: $1 - $80 (1:1)
  • Black/Red Bet: $1 - $80 (1:1)
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How to Play French Roulette

Our French Roulette Guide for online roulette New Zealand players ensures maximum player entertainment! Be sure to follow the easy-to-use 7-step process to enjoy playing French Roulette online:

  1. Sign up at JackpotCity and enjoy top-tier security measures and a secure gaming experience.
  2. Claim the new player bonus if you wish to do so.
  3. Search for Online French Roulette in the casino games library.
  4. Place French bets like Passe or Impair (Even/Odd).
  5. Make well-timed announced bets for added excitement.
  6. Opt for a full/maximum bet, encompassing 12 diverse bets in one.
  7. Sit back and delight in the multitude of possible winning combinations available.
French roulette
French Roulette
Single-zero wheel.
Racetrack Bets
Racetrack Bets
Use the Racetrack to place Neighbour bets or Call bets.
Place your Bets
Place your Bets
Call Bets and advanced betting options.
Potential Wins Await
Potential Wins
Place your bets for possible wins.
French Roulette Layout
French Roulette Layout
Classic layout for premium gameplay.

Betting Expert Techniques

Experience an extra thrill in this Online Roulette variation with the exhilarating La Partage feature. Enjoy a low French Roulette house edge of just 1.35%, the lowest possible in the game! This feature applies to red/black, odd/even, or low/high bets and if the ball lands on zero, players can recoup half of their wagers which adds even more excitement to every spin of the French Roulette wheel.

Know the Facts! We want to keep players informed and empowered with knowledge. That's why we invite all visitors to explore the comprehensive FAQ section, right here on our website. This invaluable resource offers a treasure trove of answers and insights, addressing any queries players may have about our mobile French Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette apps and the vast JackpotCity games available. Players can stay in the know and maximise the JackpotCity gaming experience with a wealth of information at their fingertips.

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French Roulette
Authentic Gameplay – Provided by iGaming leader Microgaming!
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Safety and Security


Experience the ultimate trust and security at JackpotCity, where player well-being is our utmost priority. As a licensed and regulated online casino, we adhere to strict laws to ensure a fair and transparent gaming environment at all times. Our cutting-edge random number generator technology guarantees the integrity of every thrilling game we offer, delivering an online gaming and betting experience that players can always trust.


We go the extra mile to safeguard player privacy and data security. Our robust SSL encryption shields all customer information, keeping it confidential and protected from unauthorised access. With a wide range of trusted integrated banking options, including Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay, players' financial transactions are always going to be safe and secure.


Responsible gaming is at the core of our values. We genuinely care about player well-being and are dedicated to promoting responsible gaming practices. Take advantage of our player care services, such as pre-set wagering limits, cooling-off periods, and self-exclusion options, as players enjoy French Roulette Online or any other game in our extensive casino games library. We believe that real winners know when to quit, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable online entertainment experience.

Join JackpotCity and enjoy the perfect blend of trust, security, and responsible gaming, all while indulging in the excitement of French Roulette.


French Roulette Game Guide

Call Bets and Advanced Betting Options!

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